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Events are usually classified either as corporate or private.

Corporate Events
Corporate events have a great impact on company's image. Planning a corporate event, whether its a national trade show or a local company picnic, recognizing employee achievements, can be stressful at the least and disastrous if not managed properly.
Whether you are launching a new product or trying to retain your local customers, one thing is certain , you need to have a lasting, positive impression on your audience. A successful event will leave the audience event impressed, inspired and motivated. A poorly planned event can leave employees unmotivated or alienate your target audience.

Private Events
Private events are primarily celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, reunions etc. At these events the host is usually trying to create memories to last a lifetime.

Event Types

Conference ManagementWedding ManagementArtist Management
Dance Troupe Management Corporate EventTheme Party
Product Release CelebrationsCorporate Gift ManagementInaugurations Ceremony
Birth Day PartyPrivate PartyRetirement Party
Fashion ShowCorporate DevelopmentTagline Development
LogotypesNaming Brand Launch programs
Retouching Content WritingConcept Visualization
Press Conference Story Board and Script WritingEvent Photo Service
Pre Production Production Post Production